Pakistani doctor beats 64 cooks to win Masterchef title


A female doctor from Pakistan Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed has made headlines around the world by winning the title of BBC’s Masterchef, beating 64 other cooks in the competition.

Who expected that 29-year-old Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed, a British-Pakistani from Watford, will go on to become BBC’s Masterchef of 2017.

Saliha swapped on-call shifts with colleagues to ensure that she could continue in the race without creating an issues in her job. The doctor specialises in gastroenterology but has dreams of writing cookbooks and tackling obesity.

“To be the Masterchef champion is fantastic and wonderful. Adjectives are not sufficient. This is definitely the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life”, said Saliha after winning the title.


“It involved a lot of hard work and early starts – late nights cooking after 13-hour long shifts, no holidays, no breaks, no sleep – but it was well worth it!”, she added.

Inspired by her Pakistani origins, Saliha impressed judges with her ‘East meets West’ menu. The judges described her as a ‘class act’. The Pakistani Masterchef credits her grandmother and her family’s love for food as the reason for her success.

“I had a very passionate grandmother who cooked traditional Pakistani food and my mum is also an excellent cook. We love to feed people – it runs in our genes”, she said.
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