Pictures Inside-Sexy Madonna’s Sexy Daughter Bullied for Hairy Armpits! Seriously?


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Social media has grown to an extent of gazing into everyone’s life and deciding whats right and whats wrong. 

Internet users are being bullied after posting their photos/ videos and celebrities are no exception.

Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon, was the most recent victim of cyber bullying, after a few people bashed her  for her ‘hairy armpits’

The 20-year-old daughter of Madonna recently visited a beach in Miami. She wore a pink bikini which displayed her beautiful, sexy body. Her gorgeous figure would make many women jealous. Isn’t it?

What cyber bullies noticed was not her stunning body but the hidden armpits. Message went viral on the internet that Lourdes didn’t shave her armpits! Seriously?

Its her choice to keep her body the way she wants. Getting bullied today over the web is common these days but does that mean we stop supporting the one’s who are been taken for granted?

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