Powerful Images Of Acid Attacks In Iran- If Mother Is Burnt, Burn Her Daughter Too!


Pain.. Pain And Just Pain!

Where is the world heading to? Is there any way we can stop this hatred giving rise to the increasing cases of acid attacked.

Below are some powerful images of acid attack survivors which reveal the true face of courage!

18-Year-Old Shirin from Tehran, Iran was attacked because she said no to a suitor.She lost her right eye, nose, one of her ears and her mouth was damaged severely. (Picture: Asghar Khamseh)

39-Years-Old Mahnaz Lazemi was attacked because she asked her husband for a divorce. She was left without her left eye and one of her ears as well as severely damaged skin (Picture: Asghar Khamseh)

Raana Por Amrai, 38 years old and her daughter Fatemeh Qalandari, 8 years old, were attacked after Raana filed for divorce. During this attack. Raana’s face, eyes, hands and some parts of her neck were burnt, while Fatemah’s shoulder blades, hands and arms were severely disfigured.(Picture: Asghar Khamseh)

Masoumeh Atai, 32-Year-Old lives in Esfahan, Iran, was attacked by her ex-father-in-law after she refused to get back together with her husband. Masoumeh was heavily burned and also lost her sight in the attack. (Picture: Asghar Khamseh)

Zivar and her daughter, Yasra, were attacked by Zivar’s brother-in-law out of revenge. Yasra died of her injuries. Zivar Parvin is 37 years old. After her husband died, her brother-in-law proposed to her. When she said no, her brother-in-law (along with his wife) threw acid on Zivar and her 18-year-old daughter Yasra while they were sleeping. Eighteen days after the acid attack, Yasra died and Zivar lost her left eye completely. (Picture: Asghar Khamseh)

Maryam Zamani, 38 years old and her daughter Arezo Hashemi Nezhad, 13 years old were attacked by Maryam’s sister-in-law out of jealousy. Both Maryam and Arezo, one of her daughters, were completely disfigured. They have already had several surgeries but still need more (Picture: Asghar Khamseh)

Somayeh (29-Year-Old) and her daughter, Raana (pictured), were attacked by Somayeh’s husband after she filed for divorce. She died of her injuries. (Picture: Asghar Khamseh)

The article and images posted above may or may not have been posted by any other social media sites. We believe its our responsibility to post these images and let our viewers know what an acid attack victim goes through. If you cannot even read this out of anger/ pain, imagine how painful it would have been for those who have lived this.


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