A Question From Woman to Women..


“She’s experiencing a change.
A big one. Her life is changing and so is her body. She is happy in anticipation of the coming joy but at the same time is overwhelmed by worry. She is caught in a whirlwind of emotions brought upon by the predicted hormonal changes. She is fatigued by balancing her booming body. Yes she’s gonna be a mother soon. She is one amongst you. In the third trimester, she still has to go to work to make ends meet. Yes she’s a fighter we say. Can we not appreciate her bravery , by doing the least? Can we not give this mother to-be a place to sit in a crowded local when she gets in after working whole day inspite of the swollen feet? I was left distraught seeing young girls like myself downright refusing to budge from their place. Many of us proclaim to be the mighty feminists.. Why don’t we then understand our fellow sister’s difficulty and lend her a helping hand?

We talk of gender equality but why don’t then we help our own? Today was one of the many instances I gave my seat to one such sister. I am not trying to advertise my generosity. No. My concern here is why don’t we take one day of pain from a year of peaceful life to give her one day of relief from her delicate yet exhausting nine months? What has happened to us ? Why has conquering a seat in a crowded local and retaining it become a such a prized event?! Why has it overridden humanity? Think. Also act. Be a lady. Be a human. ”


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