Role Of Kissing In A Relationship.. Must Read This Kiss Day.!


The sixth day of Valentine Week is Kiss day. One of the most popular days of the Valentine Week (predictably), on Kiss Day lovers get a golden opportunity to express their love with a sweet gesture. Try the delicate expression of love on this Kiss Day and turn it into a romantic and memorable day. Kissing is the foundation of romantic relationships and has been throughout the ages. Kissing forms the climax of so many brilliant love stories, motivating writers, musicians and poets for thousands of years. It’s an elemental expression of passion, desire and intimacy, yet as a relationship goes on, while other expressions of intimacy take its place. There is no doubt about it thought – a good old smooch is very important.

So, have you ever gave a thought about why we do it, what constitutes a great kiss and how important it is in a relationship?


The First Kiss:

Do you remember that first kiss with your lover? If you answered yes, then clearly there is something still inside if you that recognizes the importance of kissing in a relationship. In fact, most people will even describe the circumstances of this moment in great detail. This is because kissing is not just lips meeting each other- the gesture carries a whole lot more significance. Philematologists, the people who study kissing are not exactly sure why human started locking lips and the scientific jury is still out regarding whether it is learned or instinctual behaviour.

When you kiss someone you body subconsciously shares information about your respective immune systems. Biologically, it’s important for partners to bring different immune system genes to the table, so their offspring will have healthier offspring who stand a better chance of survival.

Good For Health And Bonding:

Kissing has unexpected benefits for our health. Kissing has unexpected benefits for our health. One of the reasons why kissing is important in a relationship is because it acts as a stress buster. All you need to do is hold the love of your life in your arms and passionately kiss him/her to take away all your stress. Next time when you are in stress of work.. come home, try 15 seconds kiss your blood pressure will be elevated for healthy and not destructive reasons. Try It!! Best of all, kissing regularly in a relationship will only strengthen it. When we kiss someone it releases oxytocin and helps us bond, which in turn spurs arousal and naturally relaxes you.

There is still much to discover about kissing beyond what we already know about its evolutionary and personal importance but clearly, its complex, fascinating and feels great. So pucker up! It’s good for you.

Women Are Choosier

94% of women believe that kissing their partner is important to the overall strength of a relationship.. A recent study by Oxford University researchers suggests kissing helps us size up potential partners and, once in a relationship, may be a way of getting a partner to stay with us. Researchers also concluded that kissing is very important in maintaining long-term relationships. Of those people who were polled, those in long-term relationships said the kissing was important at all times, whereas those in short-term romances said it was most important before sex and less important during and after sex.


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