Salute to Women power : Handpicked story of this week


BBC News presenter gave breakfast news, it was unbelievable what happened few minutes later.
Women of dedication and determination BBC breakfast news presenter Victoria Fritz goes into a labour minutes after appearing on a live TV,


She gave birth minutes after reading the business news this week, with the help of another newsreader Sally as her birthing partner. Victoria found that her water had broken shortly after appearing live on the show on Tuesday and when the fellow presenter heard that she Immediately took her to the hospital nearby, and waited for Victoria’s husband who could not make to be there on time as he got stuck in traffic, the baby was to arrive in early December, and was safely delivered and Sally was her birthing partner.
Later Victoria expressed her gratitude to her colleague and hospital staff.

bbc 2

Sally joked that Victoria had decided to be even more productive than she is in the workplace adding; “there was, you know just presenting very happily, not an issue in the world.



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