She screamed-He didn’t stop-I Married a stranger.


Married to a Stranger – by Inder Laleja

Getting married to a stranger, I never knew how my life would be post marriage.

Leaving behind the child in me in my mother’s house, taking the seven pious vows, I could just recall the words once said by my mother-‘I am a daughter and I am a gift from God who doesn’t belong to them but someone whom I would meet someday’

Someday is today- The day of my marriage and someone is- my husband I just got married to. Just done with the pheras’ in mandap, its time for me to see off my loving mother, my protective father, my caring elder brother and my sister in law (bhabhi) who is no less than a real sister to me. And ofcourse, not to forget the little angel of our house ‘Pari’ who with a lot of innocence calls me ‘bua’

The time has come. I sat inside the car decorated with some beautiful flowers with my husband driven by a chaffeur. With tears floating from my eyes, it was the most difficult time for me like any other girl to bid a bye to those who are and will always be the reason for me to live. As the car moved, the heart beats more faster. Nevertheless, somewhere you start living all those sweet memories which you spent with your family.

New life.. New beginning.. New house.. New faces but what you would never want is the ‘new you’. Like any other girl, you do not want to change your lifestyle, your comfort.

We completed first month of our marriage. It was time for us to celebrate our mensiversary. The clock ticked sharp 9 pm. He was to arrive by then. Ah! I am hungry. But how can I eat without him. After all it was a special day and he promised to take me out on a date.

The phone rings and with full of excitement I ran to pick it up and speak with him and shout it loud to him to let him know how much am I missing him. I wish he could be here in next few seconds. As I picked up the call, I could hear some loud music in the background.

“Fuck off you whore, you bitch”, said Pia. And the call was disconnected. Wish I had a caller id on my landline. Being positive enough, I am still sure, its a wrong number.

Its 10 PM, I can’t just wait more. After all its a special day. Though he didn’t pick up my call twice, calling him once again was not a bad idea. By this time, he would have definitely left office. Yet again, the efforts go in vain. I feel helpless and it isn’t a good feeling at all.

The clock ticks 11:30 PM, and I just turned a 1000 watt gadget which would blow anytime he steps in. The door bell finally rang and here he is. But not alone.

‘I am Pia’, she said. In her mini skirt and a backless top, she definitely looked a bit strange and not a decent girl to have arrived at my place with my husband at 11:30 PM from office. I am a good wife to a loyal husband. How can I be angry? I could hear my inner voice say that.

Completely drunk and not in his senses, my husband had no idea what I was going through when I saw his entering the house with a strange woman. “Fuck off you whore, you bitch”, he said. Yes, this time it was he would said these words.

I lost my world. This was the moment, I lost everything. Not speaking much, Pia left. I closed the door and tried taking my drunk husband to the room. Pushing me hard towards the wall, he slapped me and beaten me harsh on my back with his pointed shoe. I screamed, I shouted. But he didn’t stop. All he said was- “He doesn’t want me, he doesn’t need me anymore.”

Saying this statement again and again, everytime he pushed me harder and beat me with greater intensity. The more I tried to save myself, the more was I physically abused. Swollen eyes with scratches on my back, all I could recall is the day – ‘ I got married to a stranger’.

Its been an year now. And I am back with my family. I am still fighting a divorce case in the court and I wish I could have chosen my career than marriage. I regret my marriage but its never too late. I am sure I have a good life ahead. I am a strong woman and I have a lot more in life than to just regret. I have decided to move on.

His first question was – Tell us something about yourself and your life. I answered to his question sitting in the interview room. What’s the next question sir, I said. ______________________________

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