Six reasons to cheer womanhood !


#beingwoman is awesome, here are few reasons to cheer womanhood!

Most beautiful creature on the planet.

All the creatures of God are beautiful, no doubt. Woman is the most beautiful. She might be tall, short, fair or dusky. Each one is a beauty queen in herself.

Multitasking! We are pro at it

Women are multifaceted. She can be a CEO of a company and a mistress at home, While she tackle strategic economical issues at workplace, She is master chef in her kitchen at work.

We are better at lending ears!

Studies have shown that woman can be a patient listener. That is why they can talk on phone on hours (yet not complain of earache). We are good listeners from listening to your office stories to your personal chaos.

We- The Torch-Bearers!

Women outshine their counterparts when it
comes to being a good leader (US polls are exceptions) Woman have more inclusive way of leadership style, they try to bring along everyone together. We can lead the world.

Communication skills? We are the masters!

We have better command over language and can handle even the weirdest situations in the social gatherings. Convincing the other counterparts is never a big deal. We are always the upper hand 😉


We are more sophisticated

More organized. More sophisticated. More hygienic. Believe it or not, when it comes to personal care or more sophistication, we kick the kings out of the competition.


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