Six types of Girls will become eyecandy this wedding season : Tag yourself in the suitable category


With the onset of ‘tie-the-knot’ season and, ringing wedding bells, as you walk yourself to wedding ceremonies, we are sure you’ll be entertained by these unique species of women! Read out, explore yourself and tag the one you find suitable for these categories!!

1. Miss Beauty Queen
The one with perfectly winged eyeliner, matched hot glossy lipstick, sexy attire. You can see her moving in and out flaunting herself with a smirk! No wonder she would have taken even more time than the bride herself to get ready for the ceremony.

Tip: Don’t forget to ask the name of Cosmetic brand and they will give you head to toe details.

image 1

2. Miss Groove The Beat
You can see her dancing tirelessly everywhere from procession to pandal, on DJ beats to dholak to drums.Her feet wont stop tapping and she would crack the dance floor with jaw dropping groves.

Tip: Observe her carefully, her steps may come handy in the next wedding


3. Miss Gossip Girl
“Did you know that girl broke up with him”; “The same dress she wore to XYZ’s wedding also”;
“She is expecting a baby”; “Her husband gifted her diamond neck-piece”. She has got the insight into everyone’s life.

Tip: Next time you need to know about someone, don’t forget to ping her once


4. Miss Selfieholic
Even before the wedlock is over and the couple releases the pictures, it will go all viral socially; as this selfie_holic will have a selfie with the food, decoration, wed-couple, selfie-selfie everywhere!

Tip: Make sure you don’t forget to have a selfie with them too.


5. Miss Perfectionist
She needs perfection in everything, from food to your figure.
“There is an extra pinch of salt in the veggie: “Oh darling, you have gained so much, must go on a diet”. She never forgets to leave a be-a-perfectionist comment.

Tip: Never take her seriously 😛

6. Miss Obsessed
“See that guy, I cannot take my eye from him ”, “That blue shirt, he just made me skip my heart beat”,
She got the right to check every boy out there. From groom’s brother to his friends, she got an eye on all of them.

Tip: Meet her at the end; she will give you a list of eligible candidates 😛



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