sshh……Democracy Is Sleeping


Each Morning ,when we flip any newspaper’s or shuffle any news channels ,we get to read something or the other about “Feminism”. so as a result repeatedly the same topic keeps on hitting the eyes and brains. “SAVE GIRLS…….WE R GIRLS ..WE NEED TO STUDY..EDUCATION IS OUR RIGHT…and blah blah….

The very notion of “Feminism “rocks  and our democracy istigates to play the victimcard in our society.

I want to ask ..why so much?whats the need? ..just celebrating ‘Womens Day’ once a year with so much gusto and giving the slogans like “ache din to tab aayenge ..jab hum mithai khate kahenge ki beti hui hai”(good days will come when we start distributing sweets on the birth of the girl child)…..Aargh!!!! it makes me feel clueless n tired.

why the word “FEMINISM”is understood by us in such a submissive way?

Are anybody celebrating world’s MEN’S DAY WITH SUCH A  GREAT DEAL? We r actually making our own  self remember every now and then about our existence and rights.

we need to shun off the very notion of being a weak individual . We all form a society and play a very vital part to make a healthy one.

So my family..even nearby societies plays their part clear and being a strong individual .. I .work too hard the whole day..and enjoy the feeling of satisfaction deep inside the soul.

A week ago..i had to travel from Durg junction to Angul(odisha)alone.I started my journey by 4:00 p.m.and my  destination was scheduled at 3:00a.m..The whole journey has left me with so  many questions unanswered…

I had to keep myself awake ..since midnight i dont miss my station …No proper  electricity in the railway stations proper messages displayed ..actually no coaches carried any display boards proper updates by the attendant of the  a.c. coach.which is the very part of his job.and the worse of all ..even the internet site of INDIAN RAILWAYS showed the wrong updates of the i had no option left with me but to peep out from both the doors,unlock them every now and then and look out for stations. I was actually wondering in the meanwhile..this train is one of the busiest one in this route and keeps itslef jam packed with passengers …..but still no help  by our democrarcy. Still a long long way to go.

so,  dear Nation!!!! We the females ,,males..and whoever is forming the society are trying immensely hard to get off this chauvinistic mentality and trying to play our roles well enough…we as an individuals are awake ,physically ,mentally ,all set to embrace the new INDIA.the vibrant and happy nation.but SSHH……..DEMOCRACY IS SLEEPING….

Government is sleeping ..and fails to provide basic amneties and needs. Howmuch slogans ..advertisementrs you make ,,on feminism you have already broken our backbones how would the bandage on our hands would help? Get out of Coma dear DEMOCRACY ..YOU NEED HELP need to be very very healthy to take care of us and keep us safe and sound


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