These Obstacles You Can Surely Relate With Yours.. If You Are A Working Mom


Today’s mother or let me better say the modern mothers are highly educated and have more workforce equality than the previous generation. They have outshined men in terms of educational attainments and are entering the labor market at higher wages and positions than men.
Despite of these great signs of progress towards gender equality, women are still struggling to create a balance between their work and family lives.
According to a survey, 58% of working mothers says that it becomes harder to go ahead at work. A larger segment is being found interrupting their career for parenting. Let us find out what hurdles make these super talented women to think about taking a break from their career in order to start families-

Obstacle No.1 – The Rigid Workplace

Workplaces have been changed over the years but not to the expected extent. Though the paid maternity leave is becoming common these days but work-life support is still missing. The flexibility to work and child benefits are still a question mark in front of most of the working mothers.

Obstacle No.2 – The Obvious Home life

Of course, the house and its responsibilities, the women still bear the heavier burden over man. The changing views and the sharable home responsibilities is still a dream for women. Things have changed but not up to the expectations. Today also, when it comes to quitting the job for taking care of the family, it is the lady of the house who has to come forward.

Obstacle No.3 – Prioritizing ‘Life’ in Work- Life Balance

Well, we can’t call it as an obstacle family has always been the top most priority for women of all era. They are always the mothers, daughters, and wives before than an employee. It is the tendency of women to opt for the ‘life’ in a work and life situation. According to a survey, 50% of women give up the promotion to better manage their work-life.

Obstacle No.4 – Opposing Forces

Today, when there are limitless opportunities for women to build up their career, the flip side of that is the time when career should take off at an age of 25-29, it is the same time when most of the women think of starting their families. And with the growing world comes the competitions which make the moms find themselves wrestling with the seizing opportunities with work.
These obstacles are just a few which comes in the path of working mothers. Despite them there are various ladies who have set an example in front of the world with their hard work and dedication. So, in our next phase we will bring about you the success stories of such ladies. Till then dream high and work to make those dreams come true. Also, leave your precious comments on how we can overcome these obstacles.


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