Things you want to do before you die?


Here’s a list you might want to include in your bucket list!

1. Touch the Sky with Glory. A day in the Indian Air Force!

Serving in an Indian army is everyone’s dream. How about given a chance to serve in Indian Air Force for one day?
*Everyone’s Dream Come True*

2. Horseback ride in beach


What could be better than cool breeze, romantic sunset, soothing water waves and you on a horseback!

3. Cuddle a Baby Tiger

We all cuddle human babies, take a step ahead cuddle a baby tiger. Sounds horrifying but is a lifetime chance!

4. Watch a meteor shower

Watching a meteor shower and having to witness nature’s beauty is way more amazing than you can think. Pen down this in your list.

5. Visit All 7 Continents

6. Go Pool Zorbing

While zorbing you can have a world of your own! Experience thrill and thunder while attempting pool zorbing. A feel good activity you will never want to miss in your bucket list.

7. Cage Dive With Great White Sharks

It is a dive with cages all around you in deep Oceans where sharks have shelter. Along with your excitement, your safety is also taken care of.

8. Let Go of a Floating Lantern in Thailand


One of the best ways to celebrate your love is to hold hands, make a wish and let go of floating lantern in Thailand.

9. Make a Rainbow Rose


Red rose, blue rose, white rose, nothing extraordinary! Learn to make a rainbow flower. Although such a little thing but life is all about a cluster of small moments!

10. Go camping with your best friends


Dark nights, camp fire, dancing, singing and best friends all around. Nothing could be better than a calm moment in a busy life..

11. Defy gravity

Defying the basic law of nature, experiencing the zero gravity is one of the most rated experiencing in the world.

12. Swim with and Kiss Dolphins

Found in almost everybody’s bucket list, yet done by only few.

Now, What do you want to do before you die?


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