Things you’ll instantly relate if your best friend is getting married soon!


1. Excitement, Excitement, Excitement
There is so much excitement within you that you cannot actually stop thinking about it. You start your count down, you start planning, you are in fact more excited than the bride herself!


2. Surprises reloaded
You don’t want any single stone unturned, you plan surprises for her, her surprise wedding gifts, unexpected calls, surprise visits.


3. Teasing and mocking
You will take this as your privileged right to tease and mock at her and leave no moment to see her blush like an idiot.

4. Responsible shoulder
You will take your role as “best friend” pretty seriously; see yourself immensely involved in wedding planning. You feel like it is your own wedding and not her’s.

5. Trending Topic
Her wedding becomes a trending topic all around you, you find yourself bragging about “I am so busy until this wedding gets over”


6. You are next!
People around get more curious and cannot resist asking you, “She is fixed, when are you getting hitched?

7. Overflowing Emotions
A mixture of emotions flows out, one moment you are like so happy, you cannot keep calm, the other moment you are sad that her other half will be changed from you to that “Special someone”.



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