The Twisted Story: MP Who Proposed Bill For Economic Weddings Herself Had A Extravagant Marriage..


In recent times, a bill was introduced in Lok Sabha by The Harley riding Lok Sabha Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan, a Bihar Congress MP, who sought for putting limitation on the money individuals spend or rather waste on big fat Indian weddings. As per the bill, if a person makes the expenses of more than Rs. 5 lakhs, a donation of 10% of the amount spent will be sent for a poor girl’s marriage.


The political leader herself had a royal wedding with over 1 lakh guests and chefs from different places, Jansatta reported.The ceremony took place in 1994, The MP and her family arrived to Purnea in a chartered plane. Bookings were made on all the guest houses as well as hotels, and 200 acres of land had been utilized and important personalities, such as Raj Babbar, Lalu Yadav, etc. were present. Not only this, many vehicles and caravans of horses and elephants added to the wedding and gave it a royal look. This was one of the grandest and most lavish marriage that ever took place in the town. It’s difficult to digest that such a bill has been introduced by her.


On being questioned about it, the leader refused and said that it wasn’t for her marriage but a political rally. As per her, the ceremony of her marriage was attended by a large number of people just because Pappu Yadav, her husband, is a well-known leader.

Well, we can only say, ‘Practice What You Preach!’

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