Does Your Virginity Licence Give You The Future Guarantee.. ??


ARE YOU VIRGIN ?Just a three words question and she will be all judged.Why is virginity always being a ”JUDGMENTAL” question. Being sexually pure does not assure person’s loyalty. Why, only if she is virgin she is eligible for getting married in so called ”REPUTED FAMILY.”

Having sexual relation is not wrong before marriage. It is just another biological activity which unify and solidify the love.

Intimation is pure union of two souls who are dipped into each other to feel the warmth which gives immense pleasure with a sense of satisfaction. This is not cheap or absurd.


Putting a condition of having physical intimation only after the marriage is just equal to treating  marriage as ”TICKET TO LOSE VIRGINITY”. Virginity has nothing to do with long term relations and commitment, If it had than most of arranged marriage must have been successful. The ”SMART YOUNG MEN” are happily losing their own virginity and enjoying the sexual revolution. But when it comes to marrying a non virgin girl they take a step back. Then why does she becomes the centre of vicious bullies ?
We need to realise that everyone is equal when it comes to ”PHYSICAL INTIMACY” and ”NEEDS” before you judge them on their virginity status. Sexual relation should be allowed to her as well without the restraint within the marriage contract.


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