“Wandering thoughts”


“Wandering thoughts”

It was 11p.m. when she finally left the restaurant. The sky was still inky blue since the sun never sets in this part of the world. Friendly strangers greeted her as she started walking. Not  keen to be friendly, she diverted her eyes to the shadow of her silhouette.  Tiny as she was, she is reasonably tall with a childlike gait. She checks her phone for any free wifi but is disappointed. Quickening her steps , she can’t wait to get home where she can have the wifi to talk to him.  Her thoughts revolved on what was he doing, was he thinking of her like she was, was he waiting for her message like she was? Wishing she had her scooty, she lengthened her strides. Finally when the key found it’s lock, she rushed to her room and whipped out her cellphone.

A torrent of messages greeted her and happiness as light as warm air filled her. She typed,

“I am back”.

“Love you”, he replies back.

“Aren’t you sleeping?” She smiles at the phone, knowing perfectly well he has woken up to hear her message tone.

“Waiting for you”, lying easily knowing the perfect answer she wants to hear. She lets him sleep, knowing that these words were her like the chamomile tea before bedtime. Donning her nightdress, she finally falls in the welcome arms of her bed.


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