Who Dictate What Is A Normal And What Is A Plus Size Human?


Now this days almost everyone is a + size girl, if we are talking for someone who is above average/normal. But what exactly is plus size and who decide that? What is “normal” size? What is a plus size? Who is a person with beautiful curves person? And the last but the according to me the most important question which makes the biggest influence to someone the term “fat person”.

Everything start with the magazines, with the most beautiful women on the year, the most beautiful women in the movie area, in the economic are, in  the technology and IT area etc. Everyone focus on the physical appearance and not on the actual success of someone. Why no one what talking about the achievement of that sexy women in the technology area?

Second steps come with the TV, the movies and the series, and especially in the TV commercials there you should be perfect with the perfect white smile, perfect body because of course beauty sells. The biggest influence and I’ll put this on the pedestal like the special form on influence on our mind is the music videos. Everyone of us is listening the interesting sound of the popular music and with the music is coming the video with the flat bally girls, with the normal sexy size body, and all of the sudden we are forgetting about the lyrics and we watch the videos and we wish to be like them. And I don’t know if it’s on purpose  but the lyrics are pretty much like the videos just telling us how to look and how to behave in order to be the “perfect women/girlfriend”.
This can be very influential and cause a problem on our young self. When we are young and when we are watching no matter what on our TV we wish, we dream to be like them “perfect” because the world is expecting this, but with the time passing by our body’s is changing and you soon realize that your body is not quite like that, is not meant to be like the beautiful sexy lady in the movie or music video, and there were first hit us the frustration and with luck of self confidents and control we are putting our self in depression or similar. And what we are doing, starting to torture our body and minds with special diets or worse with no eating at all just to be “normal”, and we are straggling trough life to be someone else normal, putting our self down, having less and less confidence in order to be someone which is not us.

Also here is reusing another question the size of the clothes today and the size of the clothes in the past are not the same, one size number have a different dimension today if I compare to the past. So how this happen, is it possible that the “cm” can shrink? Of course not.  The clothes industry are also dictation the size’s in order to fit the “normal” type body you should fit in smaller size number although the cm are not changed. And also interesting and modern clothes in most of the shops are made only up to 20 UK number size, so if you are a little bigger then that you should wear “boring grandma” clothes and less option of colors. Let’s say start making bigger size interesting modern clothes.

Like a lass issue I see the luck of support of our parents, teachers, friends or in general our community. Because of course they are also obsess to fit in to the “normal” norm size. And all we need is someone to tell us it’s ok to be bigger than someone else, it’s ok to have a belly, it’s ok, not everyone should be the same, not everyone should fit the “normal” size. As long as your body is healthy nothing else is matter. All we need is a bit of support among each other. Everything it’s going to be alright with the body you have, your body it’s fine the way it is. IT’s OK.


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