Why Girls Are Not Allowed To Visit Temples During Menstruation?


Why are girls not allowed to visit temple during menstruation? – By Eklavya Sakpal

This is the most common question what people usually ask me and I think this question is in mind of every women. Therefore I thought to put light on this subject and reveal the most biggest fact about menstruation.

Firstly, let me tell you Menstruation is nothing to do with impurity. Human beings are not aware about the major fact that’s why they call it impure.

Even cows get menstruation and they still roam freely in temple and it’s premises. So why are women’s not allowed?

Answer for this question is very simple. We don’t touch anything that is pure. And what we don’t touch we call it as taboo.

During Menstruation each and every women is actually a Living Goddess and She is very Pure.

Kamakshya Devi is one of the most important Shakti Peeth situated in Assam. And the reason why it’s so powerful is because here the goddess is worshiped in the form of YONI (vagina). Every year for 3 days even she goes through her menstruation cycle.

The blood of menstruation has number of hidden powers, therefore it is also used in ritual of black magic. This blood has a power to absorb all the energies from God’s idol and make it lifeless. That is why Girls are not allowed to come in contact with God’s Idol at home or in temple.

As I already told a women in her period is actually a living goddess that’s why she is been asked to seat aside and not allowed to do any house work and this is the only reason why even Sex is prohibited.

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