Wow! A 500-Year-Old Market Run By All Women!


Did you know? There is a market by the name ‘Ima Keithel’ in Imphal in the state of Manipur, East India which is a 500 year old market with over 5000 traders and the best part is all traders are women.

It is also known as the ‘Khwairamband Market’ or ‘Mother’s Market’ or ‘Queen of Markets’ by Manipuris and is Asia’s largest women only run market where men are just allowed to buy but not sell anything. This market is run only by ‘Married Women’
This market is basically run by a union formed by women which is also a decision making body. Women can borrow money to run their shops from the union and return it back.

Isn’t it amazing to know that there are places in the world where women have all the powers and are equally/ not less empowered? This is truly amazing.

Next time you feel a bit stressed or in search of some inspiration, we must say, this is the place to visit and experience women empowerment in true sense.

And below is the glimpse of a happy customer. Visit the place now as they are waiting to spread some more happiness.

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