Yes I love a married man..


Yes I love a married Man ..Is it easy to accept this it isn’t ..lots of mixed emotions just fall in love with someone is just love just happens isn’t intentional that you want to actually get into a relation with a married man..he was my best friend and I could spend hours talking to him and never realised that he is the man I was looking for ,until he decided to get married and I was still very happy that my friend is getting married .But little did I know , I have lost him forever ohh the day is come and today my friend is not going to be mine post this . I actually realised I love him the day he was getting married and I know it was just too too late . While he was destined to live a life with someone else but that does not mean the love for him will ever change . I do love him and will love him for this life and beyond.I really don’t need him and his presence .i am very happy that he is happy .I am in love with the time spent with him ,his care ,his gestures ,his thoughts and his feelings for me .Love is beyond sex ,presence and feelings .Its a soul to soul connect that will live with me for now and beyond . Yes I do love him and love him a lot ..


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